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Tank World - Equipment

We stock and have access to a large variety of Industrial equipment and process machinery.  Examples of our stock holding and list of items we sell:  mixers, electric motors, pumps, filling machines, ribbon blenders, z-blade mixers, boilers, transformers, pipe, cable, heat exchangers etc. etc. etc.
The list and variety is large, again availability is dependant on stock and what we can source.

  Roller Mill   Vibrating Screen   Vacuum Pump  
  Z-blade Mixers   Filter Presses   Cooling Towers  
  Cooling Towers   28 Header Filler   Motors  

This site displays examples of what we trade. The stock fluctuates daily. We do undertake to supply pictures and specifications for any item required that we do have available or in stock. Simply send the enquiry and we shall respond with details, specifications and price.

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